Casas palets
qui som Casas palets

The CASAS group’s activity dates back to 1997, when we created a family orientated company in Sant Hilari Sacalm, dedicated exclusively to the repair of old pallets. Gradually, the company grew and we moved our facilities to Santa Coloma de Farners and Brunyola (Girona province). Finally, in 2003 we formed the company Casas, Recuperació de Palets, S.A. In this same way, we have been gradually expanding our range of products and services with the aim of offering our customers an increasingly global coverage in relation to the needs arising from, and relating to, the world of the pallets. Currently, in addition to the repair of old pallets, we are also dedicated to the custom manufacture of new, refurbished and mixed pallets, to the manufacture of custom packaging, to the management and collection of waste wood and pallets (for which we have the management codes E-1014.07, E-1349.12, E-1610.16 and E-1757.18), in the production of reusable wood through the dismantling of unusable pallets, in the sale of recycled wood chippings and sawdust and to the thermal phytosanitary treatment of pallets in accordance with ISPM-15. On this website you will find more detailed information about our products and services and you can also place orders, request estimates without any obligation and make proposals and suggestions.

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