We provide the best service to meet your pallet and packaging needs.

All of our products can be adapted to incorporate any changes the client requests.

Our products

New Pallets

Pallets made with new wood. 

Refurbished pallets

palets recuperats

Pallets made of reclaimed wood obtained from the recycling of other pallets.

Mixed pallets

palets mixtes

Pallets made with a combination of new wood and recycled wood.  The combination of the different qualities of wood allows us to achieve a more affordable price.

Standard pallets

A wide range of pallets in commercial sizes. Recycled pallets which we refurbish, restoring them to their original quality and thus contribute to improving the environment.

Custom packaging

embalatges a mida

We manufacture industrial packaging (boxes, cages, platforms, etc.) according to the customer’s needs. These products are used for the transport (by sea and land) of all types of product. 

The products can be thermally treated in accordance with ISPM-15 regulations in order to be exported to any country in the world.

Wood chips

estella i serradures en

The wood chips are obtained by chipping the wood from irreparable pallets that can no longer be used and the off-cuts obtained during the recycling process. Thanks to their high calorific power, the wood chips are used as an energy source.


Estella i serradures en

We also obtain sawdust from the chipping process, which we supply using dumper trucks with a 40 cubic metre capacity. This can be used as livestock bedding for example.

Contact: casas@casaspalets.com

Our services

Purchase of pallets

camio compra palets

As well as having a large fleet of trucks which allows us to offer our customers a pallet collection service, we also have various purchase points where customers can bring pallets to sell to us directly. In both cases the pallets are classified (good, to be repaired or unusable) and the appropriate price is paid.

Phytosanitary Treatment

Tractament tèrmic en

In accordance with the regulations, we thermally treat both the pallets and packaging for export. At Casas, Recuperació de Palets, S. A. we have a treatment permit and have our own treatment oven. When we deliver the material, we attach the relevant certificate which serves as a guarantee that the pallets are suitable for export.

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Container rental

When the waste generated by a company is in the form of broken wood or pallets, as this type of waste can not be transported on flatbed trucks, we place a container at the client’s facilities. Once the container is full, we will collect it and change it for an empty one. The advantage of this service is to maintain our clients’ ordered and clean image, and so we tidy away and store the waste at a specific point in the facilities.

Embatècnic services


We guarantee the safe and efficient delivery of the goods in accordance with the customers’ requirements. We manage the whole process, from the technical plan for the manufacture of the packaging, through to its transportation to the client.

Management and repair of pallet fleets

We can offer this service at own our facilities or we can offer the same at the client’s premises to avoid transport costs. In the former case, at Casas, Recuperació de Palets, S. A. we collect, repair and store the customer’s pallets until they require them. In the latter case, Casas, Recuperació de Palets, S.A. will go to the customer’s premises to manage the repair and classification of their pallets.

Comprehensive waste management service

gestió integral de residus

A company’s excess pallets are considered as waste, with code 150103. The company which produced the waste is obliged to deliver the waste to a management company. Casas, Recuperació de Palets, S.A., with the waste management codesE-1014.07, E-1349.12,E-1610.16 and E-1757.18 , is authorised by the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) to retrieve these wooden pallets. In order to validate the management service, a Waste Consignment Sheet is completed. This document provides proof that the waste has been delivered to a management company authorised by the ARC. Our own fleet of trucks allows us to provide a quick and efficient coverage in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Own transport

transport propi

Casas, Recuperació de Palets, S.A. is authorised by the Agència de Residus de Catalunya (Catalan Waste Agency) as a waste carrier with the appropriate code T-3186.

Contact: casas@casaspalets.com